From July 9th to 15th, the International Camp for Junior players of the BBA took place. The camp was held in Petrich at the Belasitsa Hut, located 700 meters above sea level. The training sessions occurred at the BO&BO club, led by Georgi Bozhkov. The camp invited the top young players from Bulgaria, Greece, Kosovo, and North Macedonia with the aim of instilling discipline, improving concentration, and fostering unity among the youth. It also served as preparation for the juniors participating in the European Youth Championship in Podčetrtek, Slovenia, which took place immediately after the camp. The first tournament of the year for juniors was held during the camp, and its winner was Petar Tsanev from Petrich, Bulgaria. He emerged victorious in the final against Iliya Dimovski from Bitola, North Macedonia, with a score of 9:7. The bronze medals were awarded to Vilian Salambashev from Plovdiv, who lost to Iliya Dimovski with a score of 1:7, and to Andrej Gujchinovski from Skopje, North Macedonia, who lost to the champion Petar Tsanev with a score of 5:7.

In 2024, the camp will be organized again (during the summer), and junior tournaments will be held in parallel with the men’s tournaments.

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